At Hivolt Capacitors Limited we specialise in the manufacture of custom built components. We produce large or small batch quantities and can also supply a one off basis replacement for those difficult to source capacitors. Our flexible design approach has enabled us to become a leading producer of capacitors for almost every high voltage application.

Hivolt Capacitors Limited manufactures high voltage capacitors for the professional market.  Our products are used in many fields such as medical and industrial with applications including Radiotherapy, X-ray, power supplies, laser, radar and pulse equipment, broadcast and TV transmitters, railway traction, and general high voltage power supplies.

Capacitors are built using mixed dielectric technology and impregnated with highly refined pure mineral oil. We do not use PCBs or other toxic materials.

Our capacitor products include:

TPM/TLC range of low capacitance high voltage tubular construction.

PMR range of medium capacitance high voltage metal case construction.

PMW range of high capacitance high voltage welded steel construction.

PPR range of low capacitance very high voltage (up to 300kVdc) welded polypropylene construction.

Company History

The company was founded as Plastic Capacitors in 1967 and commenced business in 1968 at its present location in Maydown Industrial Estate on the outskirts of Derry.

The company was formed in partnership with Plastic Capacitors Inc. Chicago, Illinois to manufacture a range of high voltage capacitors for the European market.

The company became independent in 1979 and the name was changed to Hivolt Capacitors Ltd. The company continues to operate successfully and the name of Hivolt Capacitors has become synonymous with quality for both product and service.

The company obtained certification to the International Quality Standard ISO 9002 in November 1991. Certification to the Environmental Standard ISO14001 was obtained in March 2003.