PFN Range


PFN Range

Pulse forming networks are designed for use in circuits which convert direct or alternating current to uni-directional square wave pulses of high energy for a short duration.


The PFN can be fabricated on a polyester glass mat laminate board (UL approved) and consists of an air cored inductor with a series of tappings to a bank of capacitors. Alternatively, the PFN can be housed in a more conventional steel container. The network can be designed to operate in air or under oil.

APPLICATIONS: Radar; Radiotherapy; Xray; Thyratron circuits.

Ordering information

Hivolt manufacture an E type network. The E type network is defined as having equal capacitance per mesh and mutual inductance between adjacent coils. The energy stored in the network will be completely dissipated into the load when the characteristic impedance of the network equals that of the load.

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To help Hivolt assist you with your PFN inquiry please obtain as much of the information requested below as possible. Refer to Fig 1 for definitions

  • Peak charging voltage
  • Pulse duration
  • Pulse rise time
  • Characteristic impedance and tolerance
  • Repetition rate
  • Maximum ripple allowable
  • Temperature range – operational and storage
  • Operational life required
  • Decay or fall time
  • Vibration and shock requirements
  • Altitude of operation
  • Forced or natural air circulation
  • Number of terminals required
  • Approximate dimensions
  • Mounting brackets required
  • Environmental requirements
  • Mechanical requirements
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