Product Description: Hermetically sealed capacitors utilizing paper/polyester or paper/polypropylene dielectric impregnated with a specially refined light mineral oil

Oil impregnating fluid

Our capacitors are filled with mineral oil. A data–sheet about the impregnant is available from the manufacturer. It is not classified as dangerous for supply or conveyance.

In the event of failure or damage, some impregnant may leak out.

- The impregnant is non-toxic with neutral pH.

- Skin contact presents no health hazard and does not normally require first aid.  Wash off with soap and water.

- Eye contact may cause some discomfort. Flush the eye with water for at least ten minutes.

- If ingested do not induce vomiting as aspiration of liquid into lungs may occur.  If ingested give half a pint of milk.  If milk is unavailable give water.  Seek medical attention.  Mineral Oil is not normally considered harmful in everyday use.

In the event of fire, normal electrical equipment fire fighting methods should be used. The flash point is 146oC.

Shock Prevention

The energy stored in high-energy capacitors can be lethal.

Never touch capacitor terminals unless the capacitor has been fully discharged.

High-energy capacitors should be fully discharged and wired short-circuit before storage, transportation or disposal.


Our capacitors do not contain PCB, solvents or any other toxic or banned substances.

Our capacitors are filled with mineral oil, and they are not rated as hazardous goods in transit and do not have to be marked under the Regulations for Hazardous Goods.

We recommend disposal of capacitors through professional recycling centres for electrical and electronic waste.

Relevant European Waste Catalogue references are;

1303 07 – mineral-based non-chlorinated insulating and heat transmission oils.

1602 16 – components removed from discarded equipment other than those mentioned in 16 02 15